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Barista training, Cupping and Roasting…what more could you ask for in a day?

What a great day. After a breakfast of Ethiopian-style spicy scrambled eggs, and whole grain wheat pilaf (kinche) we visited Moplaco Plc, based in Addis Ababa, and joined a group of three from Spain, a coffee importer, a roaster and a master barista.  We then had the chance to observe Moplaco staff receiving barista training […]

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Addis Ababa ‘makyato’

We’ve spent the last week settling in Addis Ababa. Coffee is everywhere in Addis, a city with a strong café culture which only seems to be growing stronger.  While many of the espresso machines and drink preparations are Italian in origin, they have been ‘Ethiopianized’ and in our opinion made even better.  The macchiato is […]

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On our way to Ethiopia

We’re on our way to Ethiopia.  After almost six months of being away from Addis Ababa, our former home town, we are very excited.  After breaking our journey in London, we land in Addis on January 7th morning — just in time for Ethiopian Christmas and a traditional meal of ‘doro wat’,  a chicken dish […]

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Best Wishes for 2012!

Buunni will start the New Year in Ethiopia where we will be from January to mid-February searching for delicious new coffees and making arrangements to bring them to you! We will also use this time to meet with coffee farmers and co-ops. And, we will choose a special initiative that Buunni can support by donating […]

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