Artist Series ~ “Overtures: In the keys of paint” ~ by George Tun Sein

Through September 30th

Reception at Cafe Buunni on Thursday, 9/24, 7pm

We are thrilled to welcome back local painter and long-time Buunni customer George Tun Sein as an exhibitor at Cafe Buunni. Rich in color and intricacy and heavily textured, his paintings fiercely say something; the “what” can be up to you. Find out more about George and his work below.


George Tun Sein, a painter who lives in Washington Heights, is having his second exhibition at Cafe Buunni. His work is abstract. He is a mid-career artist who has shown his art in the U.S. and abroad.

He invites the viewer to look at his work with attention, to probe well beyond the obvious and arrive at some understanding independently.

Abstract art is open to interpretation, and the interpretation is largely personal. It may evoke certain feelings, or it may just draw a blank. It doesn’t matter. The key is to try to see it with some clarity.



You can find more of George’s work at

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