February’s Artist Series ~ Zerihun Seyoum

We have been so fortunate so host paintings by Zerihun Seyoum for the month of February. Based in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, he is a friend of Buunni’s founders as well as an internationally renowned artist. We are so proud to celebrate artists each month who are locals of Washington Heights and members of its surrounding communities, but this month, it has been a rare gift to celebrate not just an exceptional artist, but one who also shares Buunni’s other important origins — Ethiopia.

Zerihun’s art is beautiful, provocative, and playful. We saw something different nearly every time we took a close look at each of his paintings at the shop. We extend our deep gratitude to him for the opportunity to share his work this month!

image (23)

More about Zerihun, his process, and his inspirations below:

Zerihun Seyoum paints from the inspiration of his surroundings and from experiencing his own emotions. He believes that there are still new ideas to discover and to explore after he creates each painting. For him, art is always original in its expression of ideas and emotions, and he feels that there must inevitably be some connection between the viewer and the artist. With words there is always more to say, but to Zerihun, painting says so much more.

image (24)

image (25)

There are no boundaries in the way in which Zerihun chooses to explore colour, texture and composition. One of the first things to strike you about Zerihun’s paintings is his use of bold colour and line to create a sense of energy and movement in each of his works. He is inspired by the fusions in life and fearlessly paints images that revels, reveals, unearths and discovers. As you examine his concepts and expression of fused identity and fused environments, it is clear that he recognizes the beautiful detail of the convergence and clash of the traditional and the modern. Zerihun also creates simultaneously from both a pensive reflection and from spontaneously improvised feeling and sensations. Some of Zerihun’s most impactful pieces are clearly inspired by the practice of experiencing life as the true nature of his self, whereby emotions play out like a living painting.

Here’s Zerihun (left) at a recent gallery show of his work!

Displaying IMG_20160224_132259.jpgIMG_20160224_132259.1

You can find out more about Zerihun at zerihun.com.

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