Artists Series~Xóchitl Cristina Gil-Higuchi

March 1st-April 1st

We have been so lucky to exhibit, for a second time at Buunni, work of local artist Xóchitl Cristina Gil-Higuchi, for the month of March. Using watercolors on paper, this delicate, colorful series featuring “eco-surreal” portraits of women framed by flora and fauna seemed, for this month at the shop, truly heraldic of spring.

More about the artist:

Xóchitl Cristina Gil-Higuchi was born in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico and raised in the Arizona Sonoran Desert borderlands. She has been recognized as part of the generation of artists from the Southwest that shifted and expanded the traditional themes found in Chican@ art. “For Gil the dialogue becomes immersed in issues of ‘lust, sensuality, and sexuality,’ thus providing an important direction in her work and Chicana/o art in general”, Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art, Keller, Gary (ed). Her work has been included in exhibitions at the Jose Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico City, the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona, and the Latino Museum in Los Angeles among others. Publications include the Chicana/o Contemporary Art Anthology, and the Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture where her work was cited as an “an example of 21st Century Latina Art”.

Extinct - American Carrier Pigeon

More about the art:

I have painted girls and women since I can remember. I paint them because they reflect and engender my personal explorations and concerns; because they are strong, and symbolic of life; and because they are beautiful. An association between woman and nature has been made since the dawn of humankind with a wide representation of female creation deities across the globe. This link, however, has also been utilized as a rational for the subjugation of both leading directly to a correlation between the destruction of the environment and the suppression of women (which effects the family and children, which in turn shapes our societies, and on and on, ad infinitum). In this series of eco-surreal images I highlight threatened, endangered, and extinct species of flora and fauna in relationship with a female deva (spiritual forces or beings of nature). By doing so I seek to reclaim this socially constructed association to illuminate the necessity of perceiving, and addressing, our myriad of world issues (w)holistically, and to underscore the essential, symbiotic relationship between humanity and Earth.

Endangered #6 - CorroboreeTreeFrog

For more information about Xóchitl Cristina Gil-Higuchi, visit, or write her at

Thank you so very much for generously loaning your gorgeous art to Buunni this month, Xóchitl!


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