Micro-Roasted Ethiopian Coffee Beans: Small Roast, Huge Flavor

traditional Ethiopian coffee potRoasting in small quantities gives us fine-tuned control over the exact type of roast we want to achieve. This ensures fresh-as-possible pours of taste bud-tingling brew instead of bitter-tasting coffee. Our special technique preserves and accentuates the true, bold, and mouth-filling tastes of our coffees.

To perfect our fresh taste, Buunni Coffee micro roasts all beans to order—even batches as small as half a pound. Now you can enjoy coffee the way it’s supposed to be—small quantity, big quality.

About Our Founders: Elias and Sarina

We believe in simple good and natural coffee, coffee that’s bold, strong, and dark—without being bitter. We also believe in growing and buying practices that are good for growers, for the planet and for the consumers. All of our coffees are certified organic and fair trade.

Sarina discovered this passion for Ethiopian coffee during her first visit to Ethiopia in 1997. Her work in the non-profit sector brought her back frequently making Ethiopia her second home. Ever since, she’s been hooked on the Makyato, similar to a latte, but smaller, creamier and immensely more flavorful.

Also during this time, Sarina met her husband Elias, a native of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia’s capital city). Elias, a successful entrepreneur who in the past has launched a restaurant, taxi service, and a pharmaceutical distribution service, decided now is the time to focus on his passion for coffee. Elias likes his coffee black, strong and piping hot!

Together, Sarina and Elias want to share their love for the Ethiopian Arabica bean with you and your family so you can find your own perfect cup of Buunni Coffee.

Ethiopian houseExperience the Tastefulness of Certified Fair Trade and Organic Beans

A final note on where Buunni Coffee comes from: small localized farms. The vast majority of coffee grown in Ethiopia is cultivated in farmer-owned small-holdings. Most coffee in Ethiopia is grown using natural, organic, labor intensive methods. Small farmers participate in co-ops and Buunni coffee carefully reviews the coffees and the co-ops before purchasing the highest quality certified fair trade and organic and full-flavored Arabica beans for your consumption.