Artists Series~Xóchitl Cristina Gil-Higuchi

March 1st-April 1st

We have been so lucky to exhibit, for a second time at Buunni, work of local artist Xóchitl Cristina Gil-Higuchi, for the month of March. Using watercolors on paper, this delicate, colorful series featuring “eco-surreal” portraits of women framed by flora and fauna seemed, for this month at the shop, truly heraldic of spring.

More about the artist:

Xóchitl Cristina Gil-Higuchi was born in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico and raised in the Arizona Sonoran Desert borderlands. She has been recognized as part of the generation of artists from the Southwest that shifted and expanded the traditional themes found in Chican@ art. “For Gil the dialogue becomes immersed in issues of ‘lust, sensuality, and sexuality,’ thus providing an important direction in her work and Chicana/o art in general”, Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art, Keller, Gary (ed). Her work has been included in exhibitions at the Jose Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico City, the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona, and the Latino Museum in Los Angeles among others. Publications include the Chicana/o Contemporary Art Anthology, and the Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture where her work was cited as an “an example of 21st Century Latina Art”.

Extinct - American Carrier Pigeon

More about the art:

I have painted girls and women since I can remember. I paint them because they reflect and engender my personal explorations and concerns; because they are strong, and symbolic of life; and because they are beautiful. An association between woman and nature has been made since the dawn of humankind with a wide representation of female creation deities across the globe. This link, however, has also been utilized as a rational for the subjugation of both leading directly to a correlation between the destruction of the environment and the suppression of women (which effects the family and children, which in turn shapes our societies, and on and on, ad infinitum). In this series of eco-surreal images I highlight threatened, endangered, and extinct species of flora and fauna in relationship with a female deva (spiritual forces or beings of nature). By doing so I seek to reclaim this socially constructed association to illuminate the necessity of perceiving, and addressing, our myriad of world issues (w)holistically, and to underscore the essential, symbiotic relationship between humanity and Earth.

Endangered #6 - CorroboreeTreeFrog

For more information about Xóchitl Cristina Gil-Higuchi, visit, or write her at

Thank you so very much for generously loaning your gorgeous art to Buunni this month, Xóchitl!


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February’s Artist Series ~ Zerihun Seyoum

We have been so fortunate so host paintings by Zerihun Seyoum for the month of February. Based in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, he is a friend of Buunni’s founders as well as an internationally renowned artist. We are so proud to celebrate artists each month who are locals of Washington Heights and members of its surrounding communities, but this month, it has been a rare gift to celebrate not just an exceptional artist, but one who also shares Buunni’s other important origins — Ethiopia.

Zerihun’s art is beautiful, provocative, and playful. We saw something different nearly every time we took a close look at each of his paintings at the shop. We extend our deep gratitude to him for the opportunity to share his work this month!

image (23)

More about Zerihun, his process, and his inspirations below:

Zerihun Seyoum paints from the inspiration of his surroundings and from experiencing his own emotions. He believes that there are still new ideas to discover and to explore after he creates each painting. For him, art is always original in its expression of ideas and emotions, and he feels that there must inevitably be some connection between the viewer and the artist. With words there is always more to say, but to Zerihun, painting says so much more.

image (24)

image (25)

There are no boundaries in the way in which Zerihun chooses to explore colour, texture and composition. One of the first things to strike you about Zerihun’s paintings is his use of bold colour and line to create a sense of energy and movement in each of his works. He is inspired by the fusions in life and fearlessly paints images that revels, reveals, unearths and discovers. As you examine his concepts and expression of fused identity and fused environments, it is clear that he recognizes the beautiful detail of the convergence and clash of the traditional and the modern. Zerihun also creates simultaneously from both a pensive reflection and from spontaneously improvised feeling and sensations. Some of Zerihun’s most impactful pieces are clearly inspired by the practice of experiencing life as the true nature of his self, whereby emotions play out like a living painting.

Here’s Zerihun (left) at a recent gallery show of his work!

Displaying IMG_20160224_132259.jpgIMG_20160224_132259.1

You can find out more about Zerihun at

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Artist Series: Ashli Sisk’s Flora & Fauna

December 24th – February 3rd

We are so honored to feature work by local artist Ashli Sisk for the second time. Ashli’s first series at Buunni, in 2014, featured fantastical re-imaginings of Albrecht Durer’s Rhinoceros, a famous woodcut that is one the most widely reproduced images in art history. Some of the proceeds from that project helped Ashli fund a research trip to Sumatra Indonesia and its Rhino Sanctuary, in 2015. This project fed the work created for this newest series, as well as the coloring books (also available at Cafe Buunni!) which she created as supplemental material for the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary at Way Kambas Park in Sumatra.

Displayed alongside Ashli’s vibrant rhino series are a “bee series” and a selection of work created in conjunction with The National Audubon Mural Project in Harlem, which calls attention to the 314 birds endangered in the US. Ashli also created a mural for the project, which is located at 145st and Broadway near Asali Yoga.


Wildly imaginative, richly detailed, environmentally conscious, and amazingly beautiful, Ashli’s work is a fantasia of color and life that serves a reminder of our world’s fierce, fragile beauty. You can find more of Ashli’s work at



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Artist Series ~ Creatures: Coretta Garlow at Cafe Buunni

Through November 17th

We have been so delighted to host local artist Coretta Garlow’s series of paintings this month at Cafe Buunni. Her oil on canvas series depicts animals, birds, and amphibians in a interplay of stark colors, bold strokes, and soft, unfocused blur. Each painting is devoted to a different animal, and lies at a point between still life and portraiture. The paintings are whimsical, yet the sincere attention to their subjects invests them with a quiet seriousness. Having them on our walls for this last month has bestowed on us the sense of being amongst nature, with these wild beings, and yet — imminently safe.


More about this series, in Coretta’s own words:

I am an artist and student of early childhood literacy education whose present work emerges from my research and thought on how fascinated small children are with animals. I think of each small, square oil painting as a quiet, close, personal moment of connection between a child and a creature in the wild, The distorted colors signify that this is not a scientific study, but an emotional experience. The young human (or the viewer of the creature) is noticing some real aspects of the animal, but projecting some of their own inner life onto the living creature that they observe.





If you would you would like to purchase one of the oil on canvas paintings or commission a new, personalize creature, you can contact Coretta at

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Artist Series ~ “Overtures: In the keys of paint” ~ by George Tun Sein

Through September 30th

Reception at Cafe Buunni on Thursday, 9/24, 7pm

We are thrilled to welcome back local painter and long-time Buunni customer George Tun Sein as an exhibitor at Cafe Buunni. Rich in color and intricacy and heavily textured, his paintings fiercely say something; the “what” can be up to you. Find out more about George and his work below.


George Tun Sein, a painter who lives in Washington Heights, is having his second exhibition at Cafe Buunni. His work is abstract. He is a mid-career artist who has shown his art in the U.S. and abroad.

He invites the viewer to look at his work with attention, to probe well beyond the obvious and arrive at some understanding independently.

Abstract art is open to interpretation, and the interpretation is largely personal. It may evoke certain feelings, or it may just draw a blank. It doesn’t matter. The key is to try to see it with some clarity.



You can find more of George’s work at

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