Developing Views: Discovering The City ~ Artist Gregory Thomas at Cafe Buunni

Through August 31st

We’re thrilled to feature photographs this month by local artist and longtime Buunni customer Gregory Thomas. His photographs of NYC are vivid, striking, and, for us, evoke a harmony between the public and the personal. Below, about the work in Gregory’s own words:


My father and I loved coming to Manhattan from the placid dullness of Central Connecticut. Discovering the city with him as a young boy was an adventure consisting of long walks and new discoveries. Unlike my hometown, city people seemed to have a story behind their stories and Every-Food-In-The-World was in New York City. I had, for example, been the first of my friends to try sushi on vinegary rice, an unfathomable risk in the 70s when eating raw fish was considered both risky and bizarre.

Although I’ve lived here for over 30 years, Manhattan hasn’t changed much for me. It’s still a place with shifting faces and light painting the sides of buildings. The images here are part of that wonder, which continues to this day.


Mr. Gregory Thomas was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He earned a BFA in Drama from Carnegie-Mellon University (PA) and an MFA in Literary Nonfiction from The New School (NY). As a freelance photographer, Greg has an ongoing practice with street/urban, architectural and event photography. His best known works include studies of the blossoming and decay of New York City.

For further information, please feel free to contact Gregory at or 646 438 0125.

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Local Artists: NYC Vinyl

Through July 31st

We’re thrilled to feature this exciting art series at the cafe for the month of July. A unique confluence of retro and modern, local artists Wade and Jennifer make the familiar new, and show how mucthey love NYC with all their heart and all their vinyl. Below, they talk about their art and their process in their own words.


Jennifer and Wade met many many light years ago in Los Angeles on a television show. Recently Wade moved to NYC and BAM, the band is back together. We are collaborating on all things art especially focusing on NYC, the city they both love. We can’t wait to see what things we come up with when we put our brains together.

Our process: Ninety percent of the time it starts with a photograph. It is then manipulated in photo software to create silhouettes. Those silhouettes are then cut out on sheets of vinyl by a plotter. We then weed (this is taking away the parts of the cut vinyl we don’t want) which takes the most amount of time depending on the detail. Then we layer the colors of vinyl on whatever the substrate is, art board, records, metal boards or most smooth things.


We can do custom work with your colors, your images and such. Thanks for checking out our work.

Wade & Jennifer

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Photographer Richard Whitby at Cafe Buunni


We are delighted to have featured photographer Richard Whitby’s work at the cafe this last month. Here’s what we found out about Richard, his work, and the photographs on display at Buunni.

image image

Richard Whitby is a former newspaper editor on both coasts who now lives near Cooperstown, New York.
A longtime kayaker and hiker, he specializes in nature photography but is drawn to any opportunities to explore light, color and patterns.
Richard’s photos have been displayed at several juried exhibitions presented by the Cooperstown Art Association, whose gallery is across the street from the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Most of the photos displayed here are framed to Library of Congress conservation standards, with acid-free, cotton-rag paper and acid-free matting and backing, along with UV-blocking glass.
Richard shoots with a Nikon D800e, a Nikon D300 and a Canon D-10.
He can be contacted by email at

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Wishing Farewell to Karah Rempe a.k.a. SugarMama, Buunni’s Resident Baker

From the start, we knew that Karah and her culinary inventions were something special. July 4th, Karah will bring us her baked goods for the last time. (Mental note: stock up and freeze?) We wish it weren’t so, but she has a good reason; she’s moving with her kids to New Mexico, where her family lives. If we could import her baked goods from there, we definitely would. If Karah were a visual artist, we would be holding a retrospective of her work in a gallery, where everyone could experience the craft, nuance, and downright divinity of her work.

A flurry of excitement ripples through the café every day when Karah comes in with her white baker’s cap, checkered pants, and her humongous tray of fresh baked goods balanced on her head. Customers lie in wait, and they rush up to the counter to see what new wonder she’s brought in today. Would it be the feta & scallion scones? The banana-pineapple loaves? The double chocolate salted shortbread? One never knows, but it almost doesn’t matter. With Karah, you know whatever it is, it’s magic.

Thank you, Karah, for being such an important, beloved part of Café Buuni. We wish you an amazing journey and all the best! We hope you’ll come back to visit us sometimes, and when you do, we can only hope you’ll bring us little samples of your latest creations that will make us start missing you all over again.

Watch out, New Mexico. Culinary genius coming your way.


image image image image

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ArtHoppers: An exhibit by the kids of Washington Heights

On view May 14th – May 31st

Cafe Buunni is thrilled to host, once again, vibrant, delightful, excellent art by the students of ArtHoppers. Here’s an inside look at the ArtHoppers program and the work on display.




The work currently on display at Cafe Buunni has been created by the students of ArtHoppers, an after school art enrichment program for children ages 2-11 in Washington Heights. Taught by an experienced art teacher who is also a local mom, classes are process oriented, focusing on material exploration and individual creativity. In addition to providing children with an opportunity to express themselves through art, ArtHoppers is an opportunity for friendship building in our area.



The current set of work on display has been created through various printmaking techniques including styrofoam etching and two types of collagraphs. For styrofoam etching, the children created original drawings that were transferred onto styrofoam boards and then inked and printed, in some cases multiple times and in more than one color. The collagraphs were printed from original collages that the children created from textured materials and construction paper.

For more information about the program please visit the website at:

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