Coffee Instructions

Different roasts of Buunni coffee beansStoring Your Coffee

Coffee is best fresh, and freshness is measured from the time that beans are roasted. You can keep and enjoy fresh-roasted beans about 15-30 days from roasting. Proper storage during this time is critical. After this period the flavors will change or fade, and the coffee just doesn’t have the oomph it once did. In order to keep your coffee fresh, here are some suggestions:

  1. Buy the freshest roasted coffee you can, and buy whole beans. This will ensure that the coffee you purchase has the longest possible life. Buunni coffees are roasted in small batches to ensure the freshest roast possible.
  2. Store air-tight, and away from humidity and heat and keep about 2 weeks of coffee supply in room temperature in your kitchen. If you have more than this, you can always freeze whole beans. Some coffee purists will frown on freezing coffee, but in our experience, it has worked very well for us in our own kitchen. Never keep coffee in the refrigerator, the air is too humid and the food smells from your refrigerator will get into your coffee.
  3. Grind just the amount of coffee you want to brew, and grind it just before brewing.
  4. Brew only the amount you will drink –coffee left on a burner gets cooked! A carafe or press-pot can hold coffee fresh for about an hour. Any longer than that, you should start with a new brew.

Brewing instructions

Coffee tastes are very individual, so it is very difficult to have set guidelines on brewing coffee. If you start with the steps below and modify and experiment according to your own tastes, that is likely to have better results than following a rigid set of instructions.

Use filtered water, and grind beans just before brewing. If you like your coffee strong start with 2-3 tablespoons of ground coffee per 8 oz cup/mug of coffee. Adjust according to your own tastes.

Coffee Estimator

How much coffee should you order? Use our Coffee Estimator to order the right amount. Find the intersection of the number of coffee drinkers in your household with the number of cups consumed per day, and you will know how many pounds to order. This estimator is based on 40 cups of coffee made from a pound of coffee.

Figure out how much coffee to order with our estimator!