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The Gift of Fair-Trade, Organic Buunni Coffee

Introducing our Buunni Coffee Gift Subscription card!  Purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription to Buunni Coffee for the coffee lovers in your life.  For the holidays, for Small Business Saturday or just because. We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible.  You pay a one time charge that includes everything (shipping too) […]

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Watch this Intro to Cafe Buunni

Many thanks to Angela Bao Bei Bei and Adam Golub for this! Our first video, a nice introduction to Cafe Buunni and to us!   Cafe Buunni Profile from Adam Golub on Vimeo.

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Ups and Downs

2013 didn’t start off with a bang. In fact, January was our slowest month, both for BuunniCoffee.com and Cafe Buunni.  As we started talking to others, we realized that almost all retailers (of anything) and most service providers too, were in a similar boat.  Turns out, the height of winter is not when most people buy […]

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Cafe Buunni – the first 10 weeks!

Café Buunni has been open for 2 ½ months.  The  only experience we can relate this to, is how we felt in the first few weeks after our daughter was born. The sleep-deprivation of the first few weeks, the wonder and overwhelm, the moments of wondering oh-my-god-what-have-we done, followed by utter pride and joy. We […]

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Cafe Buunni coming to 213 Pinehurst Ave, NY, NY 10033

It’s been ridiculously long since we’ve posted an update.  There’s been a whirlwind of activity at Buunni Coffee, including a long search for space that brought us right back where we started and where we wanted to be all along!  In an unexpected but fortunate turn of events, we recently finalized negotiations on 213 Pinehurst […]

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