Buunni Coffee Wholesale

Share Buunni Coffee and Build Your Business with our Wholesale Partner Program. 

If you are in the competitive markets of retail or food and beverages, you know creating memorable experiences is what keeps customers coming back. The brand loyalty these memories build can make a real difference to your bottom line. Offering a specialty coffee drink as part of you menu or inventory is a smart way to create these types of experiences and keep your returning customers.

We’ll Give You Our Best Shot…

If you want to learn more about Buunni’s Wholesale Partner Program, we’d be delighted to drop by with coffee and espresso samples.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Sarina Prabasi by phone:
(347) 819-0705; or email: sarina@buunnicoffee.com.

Buunni offers a full range of coffee services to restaurants, cafes, and retail establishments wishing to add exceptional Fair-trade and organic products to their product list. Buunni specializes in:

  • Ground and whole-bean bulk delivery of coffee and espresso roasts
  • Customized blends designed specifically for your establishment
  • Coffee training, tastings, and tips on making the perfect coffee and espresso drinks
  • Packaged coffees and seasonal blends for retail sale
  • A select offering of Fair-trade premium retail products like soap, scarves, children’s toys, and more

Sustain Your Office with Fair-trade

Your talented employees are the heart of your business. Treat them with a delicious cup of Buunni Coffee. Buunni can provide your office with:

  • Ground and whole-bean bulk delivery for coffee and espresso
  • Advice on office coffee service including equipment, and preparation methods to best suit your needs
  • Consulting services for large corporations looking to add a Buunni-branded café or kiosk on-site

Our commitment to sustainable business practices can help companies of any size meet their own sustainability goals and benchmarks.

How Does Buunni Work?

To perfect our fresh taste, Buunni Coffee roasts all beans to order in small batches. After a brief post-roast breathing period, we deliver your coffee at its peak for its most optimal taste. Click here to see what people are saying about our coffee.

Our coffee training services for restaurant, cafe, and retail employees includes education on the seasonal and regional variations of our products. Imagine if you could offer a post-meal coffee or espresso experience along the same line as offering a fine wine pre-meal? Customized blends reflecting the special qualities of your business can also be created.

For more information, please download our wholesale brochure, and contact Sarina Prabasi by phone at (347) 819-0705; or by email at sarina@buunnicoffee.com.