Buunni Coffee brings world-renowned Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, and Harrar
coffee beans directly from Ethiopia to your favorite coffee cup.
Enjoy an authentic flavor from beans that are micro roasted to order—
just as it’s been done for centuries in Ethiopia.

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Savor a cup of coffee remarkably like the world’s first.

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Discover Coffee’s Birthplace and a Beverage as Original as Ethiopia

Ethiopians feel a deep pride for the Arabica coffee shrub, which is indigenous only to Ethiopia and still grows wild in some southern parts of the country. This coffee heritage is celebrated daily in Ethiopia with the distinctive Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Today, Ethiopians and coffee lovers around the world still enjoy these centuries-old micro-roasting traditions with rich, bold and satisfying cups of coffee.

It’s this unique taste and cultural enthusiasm that fuels our passion for micro-roasted Ethiopian coffee. Just like in Ethiopia, coffee is more than a beverage to us—it’s the backbone of lively social interactions and a required pleasure of everyday life.



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